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Brand Story

It is essential to understand the kind of polluted environment in which we are currently living. We breathe such polluted air, affecting our health and significantly decreasing our life expectancy. Air pollution in Indian cities is rising at an alarming rate, posing high health risks. According to statistics, 13 out of the 20 most polluted cities in the world are in India. When we looked at the air purifier market in India, we noticed some non-recognized brands are selling sub-standard products, and the branded ones are highly over-priced with expensive filter replacements, which do not provide real value for money. This gravely distresses us, and out of concern, we got into air purification to provide safe and fresh air for our clients and to create sensitization about the rising air pollution in our cities. Reffair started with a vision to provide reliable and affordable air purification products so everyone can protect against air pollution. While we cannot control pollution outside, the least we can do is to safeguard our homes, cars, and workplaces.

What We Stand For?

Top quality Products: We sell reliable and carefully manufactured products passed through several quality control measures to ensure you receive the best. Cutting-edge Technology Our products feature the latest technology, creating benchmarks for others to follow. Technology like STATCELL is a real breakthrough. Bang for the Buck Delivering value to our customers is what ignites the passion in us to work harder. Our idea of success is to deliver more for less.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide world-class products to enable everyone to enjoy fresh air everytime they breathe.

Why Reffair?

Whether you are driving or at home with your loved ones,our purifiers are easily portable and offer you a safe and healthy environment with fresh and clean air, sterilizing the air around you competently, fast and quietly. We research our products intensively, test them rigorously to guarantee reliable performance and only release them to the market after they have passed our stringent quality control measures.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy focuses on people and honesty while observing creditable business ethics. We stretch our innovativeness further to provide optimum air purification solutions,making our products mindfully and with love to ensure our clients breathe better air quality. With our products, you can breathe easily without fear of contaminated air in a fresh living environment.

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