“The air that keeps us alive is making us sick”

As rightly coined by the UN experts on the INTERNATIONAL DAY OF CLEAN AIR FOR BLUE SKIES, on 7th September, air pollution has become a global environmental concern that demands immediate attention. It is pretty obvious that the outdoor air quality in almost all cities and towns is deteriorating at an alarming speed. But did you ever think about the quality of the air inside your car?

A survey taken by the FORD MOTOR COMPANY on driving habits in the Asian Pacific states that around 49% of the people surveyed in India spend at least half a day /12 hours every day, driving their cars. So don’t you think that you need to breathe pure air from inside your car too? Are you?

This is where car air purifiers come in!

Benefits of Car Air Purifiers:

Many have the habit of picking up a lot of trendy car accessories online but when it comes to a car air purifier, they get into a dilemma.

Do car air purifiers work? Are they worth it? Is a car air purifier effective? Thus the list of questions seems to be never-ending. So why wait? Let’s find out if buying air purifiers for cars is just a fancy accessory or a necessity.

Your car cabin is more polluted than your city!

The air inside your car can be 5 times more polluted than outside. Due to continuous exposure to the sun, materials like plastics, rubbers, paints & leather, release harmful Volatile Organic Compounds that can have adverse effects on your health. Best car air purifiers have Activated Charcoal Filters that absorb these VOCs thus reducing in-car pollution.

Pollutants like carbon, carbon monoxide, aliphatic hydrocarbons, polybrominated diphenyl ethers, particulate matter, and endotoxins have adverse impacts on health. The impact of such in-car pollutants on health is an altogether different discussion!

Window down, pollutants in!

Each time you roll down your car's window, you welcome a host of pollutants into your vehicle like smoke, dust, dirt, pollen, fumes etc. These pollutants can cause a lot of health issues ranging from mild allergies to acute respiratory problems. But with the use of HEPA filters in air purifiers, the basic air pollutants stated above can be definitely kept at bay.

A point to be noted is that all HEPA filters may not prove to be effective. The best car air purifiers in India come with high-quality filters of grade 13 called H13 True HEPA Filter. They filter out the most common yet harmful allergens like pollen, dust, smoke, smog, mould and the like. Thus cars with HEPA filters, obviously high-quality ones, can deliver clean fresh air, every single drive.

Beware of closed windows!

Due to the air conditioner or the pollution outside, majority of us drive with our windows shut. By doing so, we allow an excessive amount of carbon dioxide to accumulate within the cabin. This is the primary reason why many of us feel uncomfortable during a long drive. This carbon-dioxide-packed cabin can lead to severe headaches, nausea, and even breathlessness. The impact is high on children with a weak respiratory system, breathing difficulties, wheezing, asthma and the like.

Fortunately, the HEPA filter in car air purifiers balance the carbon dioxide concentration by circulating fresh air. Top air purifier brands in India are using advanced purification technologies where additional filters called the Ultra-Fine Nylon Pre-Filters are used to capture large airborne pollutants easily, thereby protecting and maximising the life of the HEPA Filters in car air purifiers. Thanks to technology!

‘NO' to Pet Dander!

Do you love taking your pet along for long drives? Then buying car air purifiers becomes inevitable. It is a known fact that pets shed a lot of particulate matter like dead skin, fur, hair and what not? You can rely on the air purifier to say goodbye to pet dander. The result? Clean and tidy car cabin, stress-free car ride & your pet onboard!

Unpleasant odour, OMG!
  • Especially the new car smell. For some, it is a fragrance but for many, it is an unpleasant odour. However, it is true that new cars do carry a distinct scent.
  • Odours from stored fuels or fellow smoking passengers
  • Smelly dogs, sweaty sports gear, spilt food particles etc

All you need to do is just buy a car plug-in air purifier and get rid of the foul smell within minutes. A quality air purifier ensures giving pure, breezy air every single time.

Take away:

Thus the benefits of having a car air purifier are enormous. Hence, it is clear that the best car air purifiers are not just ornamental add-ons to your car interiors, but fundamental value additions for your health. There is no way that you can reduce your car commute in today’s world. But we can very well take precautionary measures for our well-being. Having an air purifier for your car with a HEPA filter is the only go-to solution for a hale and hearty ride.

Happy Driving!

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